Bobby in Esquire, 2013

not awkward; we just want to take this moment for a SHORTS APPRECIATION POST

Johnny Marr the Moody Chav and Bernard Sumner, looking remarkably like a Cabbage Patch Kid.
❝ I absolutely love Urban Decay makeup, it’s brilliant. I get tonnes of it [from fans]. The great deceit of the century is MAC makeup. Unless you’re a model, it just doesn’t work for you kids, it’s just rubbish. Urban Decay is much more Mardi Gras, it’s thick; it’s just beautiful stuff. If you want old-fashioned eye liner you cannot beat Rimmel, Soft Kohl Black. People shouldn’t sell you any other; it’s just the best for panda eyes. And for foundation, because obviously onstage you need something more theatrical, there’s Face which I think is Swedish.
— Nicky in 2007 (via davidb0wie)

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Morrissey is part cat.

seems legit